Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) , Sir John
The World as Power Reality




The World as Power Reality

“The present book is the first of a series which I hope to be able to complete, explaining succinctly some general philosophical principles of the Doctrine of Shakti or Power from the Shakta Vedanta standpoint. A correspondent once asked me—what was that? The answer is, that it is that Doctrine which is to be found, expressly or implicitly, in the Tantras of the Agama Shastra of the Advaita Shakta and Shaiva communities of worshippers. The two have points in common in (amongst others) their Doctrine of Shakti and its evolution as the 36 Tattvas and so forth.”

The World as Power Reality, Sir John Woodroffe, Ganesh and Co. 1921(?)

Hardcover, Brown cloth binding. Worn slightly at the edges. Spine has previous library mark. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Manchester. Library stamps to endpapers and title page, p. 73, 88, 105. A tight copy.