Besant, Annie
Evolution and Man’s Destiny




Evolution and Man’s Destiny

Compiled from Dr. Besant’s lectures and writings by Mrs. Stevenson-Howell.

“If any of us can realise that there is a possibility of the kind of Plan that I have been suggesting; that we may find out what that Plan is, and guide our lives thereby; that we may by study, by thought, by meditation, by self-sacrifice, clear our eyes enough to have the vision of a Plan for human life and human evolution; if any of us have caught one glimpse of that at any time, then we shall realise there is nothing else worth living for in life save to co-operate with that Plan and hasten the happiness of man. We shall realise that it is worth while to live, whether our life be joyous or sorrowful, if we can co-operate in making the world a little better, a little less sad for the great masses of its population. We shall realise that the object of human life is to bring the will of the individual into accord with the will of the Highest; and having brought that will into accord, then to work to carry it out among men; for knowledge that bears no fruit in action is useless to humanity; but knowledge worked out for human helping, forwards the salvation of the world.”

Annie Besant, Evolution and Man’s Destiny, Theosophical Society, 1924

First edition. Hardcover. Brown cloth binding. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Library stamp to end paper, copyright and title pages. Spine leans gently. Good condition.