Nikhilinanda, Swami
Sri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother


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Sri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother: Her Teachings and Conversations

This enlightening collection provides an intimate look at the life and teachings of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, wife and spiritual companion of Sri Ramakrishna.

The first English edition of the conversations and teachings of the Holy Mother as recorded by her disciples, both lay and monastic. It illuminates her role as the power, scripture, joy, and guiding spirit of the Ramakrishna Order and clearly captures her unyielding devotion to God.

Translated from the original Bengali by Swami Nikhilananda, a direct disciple of the Holy Mother, these inspiring and detailed conversations offer new insight into the daily life of this endearing and beloved spiritual personality and her message of compassion that continues to influence her devotees in India and throughout the world.

Sri Sarada Devi, The Holy Mother, Swami Nikhilinanda, Skylight Paths, 2004

Hardback. Octavo. New.