Mathers, E. Powys
Sung to Shahryar


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Sung to Shahryar: Poems from ‘The Thousand Nights and One Night’

These verses have been selected from The Book of The Thousand Nights and One Night which was rendered from the literal and complete version of Dr. J.C. Mardra and collated with other sources by E. Powys Mathers and printed for subscribers by The Casanova Society in 1923-1924.

John Rodker and Joseph Irving Davis founded The Casanova Society to print the works of Casanova in a luxury edition. On the verge of bankruptcy they issued The Thousand Nights and One Night in an attempt to save the enterprise. Wyndham Lewis would later immortalise Rodker in The Apes of God describing him as a dubious dealer in ‘highbrow’ pornography who makes his money ‘on the limited-edition-ramp by printing in white-calf of the Eighteenth Century literature of gallantry’.

Sung to Shahryar, E. Powys Mathers, The Casanova Society, 1925

Hardback. Octavo. Marbled card boards. Very good condition. 108 pp.