Jones, Sir William
The Works: Volume 9


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The Works of Sir William Jones: Volume 9

A renowned Enlightenment polymath, Sir William Jones (1746-94) was a lawyer, translator and poet who wrote authoritatively on politics, comparative linguistics and oriental literature. Known initially for his Persian translations and political radicalism, Jones became further celebrated for his study and translation of ancient Sanskrit texts following his appointment to the supreme court in Calcutta in 1783. He spent the next eleven years introducing Europe to the mysticism and rationality of Hinduism through works such as his nine ‘Hymns’ to Hindu deities and his translation of the Sanskrit classic Sacontal√°. Volume 9 of his thirteen-volume works, published in 1807, contains Jones’ translation of Speeches of Isaeus (1779) and perhaps his most influential translation, Sacontal√° (1789), a Hindu love fable that explores the depths of Hindu mythology and philosophy. Lauded throughout Europe, Sacontal√° would inspire Goethe to write that once it is mentioned, ‘everything is said’.

The Works of Sir William Jones Volume 9, William Jones, Cambridge University Press, 2013

Paperback. Octavo. Some shelf wear. Right corner is bumped slightly. The pages are clean and unmarked. 532 pp.