Besant, Annie
Initiation: The Perfection of Man




Initiation: The Perfection of Man

“There is nothing new in these lectures, but only old truths retold. But the truths are of such vivid and perennial interest that, though old, they are never stale, and, though well known, there is always something to say which seems to throw on them new light and new charm. For they touch the deepest recesses of our being, and bring the breath of heaven into the lower life of earth. Constantly immersed as are most in the affairs of daily life, they are apt to lose sight of  ‘the things which belong to their peace,’ and so any call to ‘lift up their eyes unto the hills’ is welcomed by the earnest and the aspiring. The eternal verities are always restful, as is the view of snowy peaks to those toiling along the dusty roads of valleys far below. May these reminders of the ancient facts of discipleship and Masterhood nerve some to effort, encourage others to perseverance. May they help some to realise the possibility of obeying the command: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.’

Initiation: The Perfection of Man, Annie Besant, The Theosophical Publishing Society, 1912

Hardcover. Grey cloth binding. Minor wear to book corners. Spine shows some wear at the edges. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Library stamps to end paper, copyright and title pages. A tight copy. Very good condition.