Sinnett, A. P.
Super-physical Science



Super-physical Science

“Readers of this book—when it comes to be published at some period beyond my own passing on to conditions of existence on other planes—will perhaps be interested in some explanation of the circumstances under which it has been prepared. Since about the year 1910 arrangements were made by the Masters especially concerned with Theosophical work, to put me in trustworthy touch with them and thus to provide for a continuous flow into my possession of information that would expand my comprehension of Super-Physical Science, and thus improve my capacity to present it in literary form for the comprehension of others. Then it became apparent that the best course for me to pursue would be to put together the varied teaching of which I was gradually the recipient, in a shape that would be suitable for ultimate publication…

“Let me, however, disclaim for it the idea that it is a text-book of Theosophical or Occult teaching. That title has been adopted, I know, for small volumes, summing up knowledge (or beliefs) current when they were written, but Super-physical Science is an infinitude and as humanity grows will claim ever expanding presentation. Again, the present book does not even attempt to restate earlier knowledge. It is not designed for a newcomer to the subject. The latest version of my own Growth of the Soul should be studied in advance of any attempt to profit by the contents of the present volume, and indeed that study should be followed by the perusal of my Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching before any reader will be fully prepared to appreciate these later additions to the partial survey of Nature that the previous books embody.”

Super-physical Science, A. P. Sinnett, Theosophical Publishing House, 1924

Hardback. Octavo. Red cloth binding. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Library stamps to end papers and title page. Small pen in ink on text block.