Sinnett, A. P.
Occult Essays



Occult Essays

“All the essays contained in this volume have originally appeared in the pages of Broad Views, the monthly periodical which I have been editing for the last two years, and the value of which as an influence promoting the appreciation of occult study in its bearings on the practical affairs of life, will, I trust, be more and more clearly apprehended as time goes on.

“Occult study has gone through various phases. At first its intense interest, as illuminating realms of Nature that formerly seemed beyond the reach of accurate knowledge, absorbed the attention of students. Then, as the whole scheme of human evolution became unveiled, to a consider-able extent, it grew apparent that this knowledge shed such a light upon the means by which spiritual progress for each individual was to be obtained, that Occultism came to be regarded as a supreme rule of life, a guide to conduct. And, finally, many of us have perceived that it becomes a rule not merely of individual but of collective life ; that the problems of politics and social organisation are only to be correctly solved when we have considered them in the light of occult teaching.

“This idea was the inspiration of the periodical above named—Broad Views. It was described from the beginning as  ‘the only periodical of its class frankly recognising the modern developments of occult science and their bearings on the problems of private and public life.’ And the essays now republished have represented—as far as my own writing has been concerned—my effort to justify that conception of its purpose.”

Occult Essays, A.P. Sinnett, Theosophical Publishing House, 1905

Octavo. Hardback. Blue cloth binding. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Library stamps to endpapers and title page, otherwise unmarked. Small pen line to text block. A tight copy.