The Symposium



Plato’s Symposium is one the world’s literary masterpieces and a philosophical treatise with few equals. In this translation by foyer Sydenharn and extensively revised by Thomas Taylor, the profundities of Plato’s mystical philosophy are faithfully transmitted to the English reader. The student will find a treasury of notes concerning the background to the dialogue, as well as the mystical symbolism hidden within it.

No translator so deeply imbibed the spirit of Plato as did Thomas Taylor, and his beautiful poetical paraphrase of Diotirna’s speech is included here. Plotinus’ treatise On Love (Ennead III, v) translated by Stephen Mackenna has been added, as have four essays by Tim Addey and Guy Wyndham-Jones designed to help the newcomer to the Platonic tradition approach the beautiful and magnificent truths presented in the dialogue.

The Symposium, Plato, The Prometheus Trust, 2011

Paperback. Octavo. Back cover is creased. Otherwise like new. 193 pp.