Tyrius, Maximus
The Dissertations



Translated by Thomas Taylor

The Dissertations of Maximus Tyrius was originally published by Thomas Taylor in 1804 in two volumes: the forty-one surviving dissertations by this little-known author shine, not only with his love of philosophy, but also with a well-training rhetorician’s delivery. Taylor observes that his understanding of Platonic philosophy suffers, on occasions, from his living and writing in a period which had partially lost the Platonic thread and which, a little after Maximus, the genius of Plotinus restored. Nevertheless the discourses herein abound with thought-provoking excursions through questions that are as necessary to consider today as they were when Maximus the Tyrian wrote about them with such vigour and learning, some eighteen centuries ago. With Thomas Taylor’s additional notes correcting and supplementing where necessary this volume, is both an interesting study of middle Platonism and good, simple introduction to Platonic philosophy.

The Dissertations of Maximus Tyrius, Thomas Taylor, The Prometheus Trust, 2007

Hardback. Octavo. Purple cloth binding. Slight bump to right corner, otherwise like new. 344 pp.