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Temenos, Number One: A Review Devoted to the Arts of the Imagination

Temenos denotes the sacred area around a temple, suggesting the intimate link between the arts and the sacred that has characterised the imaginative productions of almost all human societies. Through essays, poems, reviews, etc, the aim is to affirm the sacred dimension of the arts when properly understood, to show what the presence or absence of this understanding means in terms of our human life, and to call for its renewal in the creative activity of our own times.

Edited by Kathleen Raine, Philip Sherrard, Keith Critchlow, Brian Keeble

Contributions by: Thomas Blackburn, George Mackay Brown, Cecil Collins, Henry Corbin, Keith Critchlow, Robert Duncan, Gilbert Durand David Gascoyne, Toyo Izutsu, Janette Jackson, Brian Keeble, Jan Le Witt, Jean Mambrino, John Montague, Leslie Norris Kathleen Raine, Peter Redgrove, George Seferis, Philip Sherrard, Robin Skelton, Gary Snyder, Alexander Thom Vernon Watkins, Herbert Whone, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Elémire Zolla

Temenos Number One, Temenos London, 1981

Paperback. Ocatvo. Ex-library. Usual markings. A used copy.