The Future Evolution of Man
Sri Aurobindo


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We feel swept into a movement of accelerated evolution. All structures of the modern world are changing fast. More new problems arise from advances in science and technology than can be solvcd. Man’s mind is unable to keep pace with the movement he has himself set up.

What does this crisis mean? Will all the old values break down and the modern world end in catastrophic destruction? Or will a civilization of dread and despair, of soulless regimentation turn the human race into a gigantic ant-hill?

No. The aspirations of man reveal other possibilities. He aspires to an unchallengable self-mastery, to an unattained perfection. He dreams of peace, beauty, love. Have we not secret indications here that Nature is indeed in travail, that an emergence is in process which will give a meaning to man’s life on earth? Briefly, is the present crisis announcing an end or a beginning?

This book is an anthology of Sri Aurobindo’s writings on this very subject—the meaning of terrestrial life and of the present evolutionary crisis—to which he devoted his last forty years at Pondicherry. Sri Aurodindo’s work gives a novel spur to the human spirit. The thinking world, that has recently been stirred by the scientific-mystic speculations of Teilhard de Chardin, is likely to receive from Sri Aurobindo at once a new vision of the nature of things and a key to its practical realization.

The Future Evolution of Man, Sri Aurobindo, George Allen & Unwin, 1963

Hardback. Octavo. Marbled boards. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library. Appears unread having never been withdrawn. Line drawn in black pen on page block. Stamps to endpapers, copyright and title pages. Otherwise unmarked. A tight copy. 156 pp.