Sturluson, Snorri
The Prose Edda


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The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson: Tales From Norse Mythology

When Puck spoke of Thor, Una at once asked ‘Heroes of Asgard Thor?’ Thor is one of the great gods of Norse mythology and these tales, here translated from the thirteenth-century Icelandic of Snorri Sturluson, are familiar to many English readers, for the most part in loose paraphrase. But Snorri is a master storyteller and is best allowed to speak for himself. There have been earlier translations, such as Sir George Dasent’s of 1842 and A. G. Brodeur’s of 1916, but these have long been out of print and a new rendering that is neither stilted nor precious will be welcome. Miss Young is an experienced translator from Icelandic, and Dr Sigurdur Nordal, Icelandic Ambassador in Copenhagen, who introduces these tales, is the most distinguished living scholar in the literature of his native country.

Introduced by Sigurdur Nordal.

The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson, Jean I. Young, Bowes & Bowes, 1954

First edition. Hardback. Decimo. Blue cloth binding. Minor wear to the edge of the dust jacket which has been clipped. A very good copy. Clean, tight, and unmarked.