Plato and the Quran
Noor Bosra




Plato and the Quran: Number and Allegory from Ancient Mesopotamia and Greece to Islam

Did Noah really live for 950 years? Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale? Did the youths in Surat al-Kahf really sleep inside the cave for three centuries? This new book offers a groundbreaking explanation of such seemingly incomprehensible details within the Holy Qur’an, delving deeper than any exegete has ever gone before: into the philosophical traditions of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.

Plato and the Quran offers a comprehensive study of how the esoteric knowledge of the ancient world can be found within Plato and the scriptures of the Abrahamic faiths, taking the form of a code known only among initiates of wisdom. It helps the reader to decipher that code, showing how the numbers and allegories in the Qur’an can be traced through the Gospels, the Torah, Plato’s dialogues and Mesopotamian myths to a primordial source of knowledge. In doing so, it paves the way towards a new method of Qur’anic interpretation that is not just inter-textual but supra-textual, unveiling the mysteries that have for centuries been hidden within Islam’s Holy Book.

Plato and the Quran, Noor Bosra, Noor Bosra Publishing, 2023

Hardback. Octavo. New. Colour plates throughout. 547 pp.