Nanavati, J. M & Vora, M. P. …
The Embroidery and Bead Work of Kutch and Saurashtra



The Embroidery and Bead Work of Kutch and Saurashtra

“Gujarat State is rich in craft traditions. Its contributions to this field are not only distinct and lasting: they are, by common consent, beautiful. The fame of its tie-dye textiles has once more spread far and wide. Some readable literature on patolas and bandhaniss is also now available. The jhari kam of Gujarat, particularly of Surat and Ahmedabad, still awaits a critical survey. The wood work, once a classical and a widely practised craft, has eventually merged into folk craft and is almost disappearing; it deserves revival to suit the present needs. The clay toys and symbolic offering figures of animals are receiving now new interpretation at the hands of critics. Happily meanwhile, a detailed monograph on the Embroidery and the Beadwork of Kutch and Saurashtra is presented here by its authors for the general readers as well as the specialists.

The attitudes, while treating such subjects, vary. Purely aesthetic approach is one way of looking at it : technical is another ; a third one pertains to the interpretation of symbolism either in relation to or in expurgation of the social context. The authors, it seems to me, have attempted to steer a middle course which may satisfy the needs of different outlooks as far as possible.

The scientific discipline of classification and regard to chronology form a fir, backbone of Me exposition here. Apart from findings, revealing doubtless, 1) choice illustrations of several distinct schools possibly see broad daylight this publication for the first time ; and this too, I feel, is no small a contribi lion. The present monograph, I believe, adds substantially to the fac already known.”

The Embroidery and Bead Work of Kutch and Saurashtra, J. M. Nanavati & M. P. Vora & M. A. Dhaky, Department of Archaeology, 1966,

Hardcover. Some wear and tear to dust jacket. Minor spotting. Vey good condition.