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Man: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries

“If”, as the Author says, “Plato was enriched by his philosophic vision, the modern is impoverished by his unbelief.” Here is a book that maintains that all facts must be answers to the question, Why. Not how, when, or what. Why, in no other sense than why. Science is not based upon facts, but upon observation, experiment, logic, reason, and opinion—until why has been established. Science has not been fair, just, or equitable in its examination of metaphysics. It has not been “scientific” in its examinations. It has reasoned from prejudices rather than from available data. Opinions may be intriguing, but they demonstrate nothing; they neither prove nor disprove anything. Mysticism is not a vagary; it is a distinct department of learning which, if given proper consideration and opportunity, could make a definite contribution to normalcy and well-being. And so, a book on occult anatomy. Convinced of immortality, the sages of antiquity viewed the human body not as the man but the house of the man. The science of the soul occupied first place. The masters of three Academies often pointed out some analogy in human organ or function in justifying an abstract conclusion. Hitherto the “anatomy of the philosophers” has existed only in a fragmentary state, eluding the casual reader. Now are gathered and reduced to order brilliant gems of thought on an engrossing theme, the mystic lore of the human body.

Man, Manly P. Hall, Philosophical Research Society, 1972

First Edition. Hardback. Octavo. Black faux leather binding. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Dust jacket is clipped and contains a decal on the spine. Library stamps to endpapers and title pages. Otherwise pages are clean and unmarked.