Po. Pa, s̄Gam.
The Jewel Ornament of Liberation


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The Jewel Ornament of Liberation is a masterly survey of Tibetan Buddhism. It describes the special training necessary to win enlightenment, explaining how an enlightened attitude is strengthened by practising the six perfections, and closes with a definition of Buddhahood.

Its author, s̄Gam. Po. Pa, was born in (1079 A.D.), and became Mi.la.ras.pa’s favourite pupil. He founded the bKha’. ‘gyud.pa (Red Hat) order, for whose Lamas the Jewel Ornament is still a manual of instruction.

Dr. Herbert Guenther, who translated this great work from a Bhutanese block print which hitherto has escaped the notice of Western scholars, now emerges as one of the leading authorities on Tantric Buddhism. Being in contact with Tibetan teachers, Dr. Guenther’s work is inspired by the living oral tradition, and his extensive notes and commentaries open new vistas to Western scholarship.

As a part of his translation he has provided an invaluable guide to the transliteration and pronunciation of Tibetan words. Technical terms have been added throughout, both in Tibetan and Sanskrit, and are indexed accordingly; and over 15o Tibetan manuscripts and block prints which are quoted in s̄Gam. Po. Pa’s text are listed with their Sanskrit equivalents (where the latter survive) in appropriate indices.

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation, s̄Gam. Po. Pa, Rider & Company, 1959

First Edition. Hardback. Octavo. Red cloth binding. Gilt lettering. The dust jacket is stained on the spine, underneath this has affected the book very little. A clean, tight copy, pages are unmarked. Good condition.