Swedenborg, Emanuel
Introducing the New Jerusalem


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This book was first published by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1758, in Latin. Its full title may be translated On the New Jerusalem and Heaven’s Teaching for it, based on instruction received from heaven, preceded by a note on the New Heaven and the New Earth. His intention was to draw together material already discussed in his much lengthier and detailed Arcana Caelestia. It has since been translated into many languages and republished many times in English. The translation presented here, by the late John Chadwick, was first printed in 1990 as The New Jerusalem.

Other than the change of title, this edition differs from the previous edition insofar as the author’s Prologue and Introduction (referring to the biblical meaning of the New Jerusalem) are included at the end of this volume has appendices). Likewise, Biblical passages that interfere with the narrative flow of Swedenborg’s text have been footnoted and placed at the end of each chapter. The sub-section numbers have also been omitted. John Chadwick’s original introduction is retained but is accompanied here by a general appreciation of Swedenborg by the writer Peter Stanford.

The reader should also note that the chapters follow a progression. Swedenborg begins with a meditation on Good and Truth. He then leads the reader through a broader discussion of the principles of spiritual regeneration and ends, finally, with an outline of our relation to Sacred Scripture, the Lord and the Church. It is this regenerative state that the New Jerusalem represents.

Translated from the Latin byJohn Chadwick, edited and revised by Stephen McNeilly.

Introducing the New Jerusalem, Emanuel Swedenborg, The Swedenborg Society, 2006

Paperback. Octavo. New.