Hymns and Initiations



The hymns and essays presented in this volume are collected from several publications of Thomas Taylor. In 1792 he published a book called The Hymns of Orpheus in which an essay on the life and theology of Orpheus was given followed by a section entitled The Initiations of Orpheus which presented the eighty-six hymns of Orpheus. Taylor later revised this book and published (in 1824) a second edition entitled The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus—the hymns were slightly altered but the introductory essay differed substantially from the earlier work. The main body of this new edition in the Thomas Taylor Series is taken from the 1824 edition. The original essay on Orpheus is also retained as an appendix. Added to the Orphic Hymns are twenty-six hymns from Proclus, the Emperor Julian, Boethius and Thomas Taylor himself.

Hymns and Initiations, Thomas Taylor, The Prometheus Trust, 2003

Hardback. Octavo. Purple cloth binding. Minor bump to corner otherwise new.