Hooft, Ph. P. M. van ‘t & Raven, M. J. &…
Pharaonic and Early Medieval Egyptian Textiles



Pharaonic and Early Medieval Egyptian Textiles

“Museums throughout the world have collections of ‘Coptic’ textiles, many of which have been published. However, it is rare to have information about the predecessors of these textiles. namely the Pharaonic textiles. In fact, it would appear to be unique to have two such major collections of Pharaonic and Coptic textiles in one publication. The catalogue represents the work of various people over a period of ten years.

“Because so little attention has been focused in the past upon a basic item in Pharaonic life and economy, namely, linen, it was decided that an exhibition about ancient Egyptian textiles and clothing should be presented, using the Leiden collection and putting it into context.”

Pharaonic and Early Medieval Egyptian Textiles, Ph. P. M. van ‘t Hooft, M. J. Raven, E. H. C. van Rooij, G. M. Vogelsang-Eastwood, Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden, Leiden, 1994

Paperback. Minor shelf wear. Very good condition.