Raine, Kathleen
Golgonooza, City of Imagination


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Golgonooza, City of Imagination: Last Studies in William Blake

The seven studies that comprise this book are the culmination of more than forty years research into the meaning of Blake’s symbolic themes by a scholar-poet who is recognised as one of Blake’s most profound interpreters. They are written so as to reach into the very heart of Blake’s symbolic thought and for this reason may be read as an introduction to the whole of his imaginative vision. The author’s extraordinary empathy with the learning of this imaginative knowledge has entailed her taking Blake as her Master, and from her revelation of the implications of his impassioned denunciation of the ‘single vision’ of quantitative, materialist thinking, Blake emerges as England’s great national prophet. Equally impassioned is the author’s demonstration of how Blake must be understood to be a key figure of our age, one in which the outworn materialist dogmas must give way to an age of imagination—a vision of the sacred nature of reality itself.

Kathleen Raine has distinguished herself as a writer in many fields. In addition to her pre-eminent position among living English poets, widely acknowledged are her exceptional gifts as a scholar, particularly of the works of William Blake and W.B. Yeats. Their imaginative wisdom—that of the Perennial Philosophy—is the connecting thread that runs throughout all her own work and provides the terms by which she has lived her life and written from it, whether as poet, scholar, or essayist.

Golgonooza, City of Imagination, Kathleen Raine, Golgonooza Press, 1991

Paperback. Octavo. Some minor edge wear to the book covers. Mild spotting to the page block. Pages are unmarked. A clean, tight copy. 182 pp.