The Hindu Gita
Arvind Sharma


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The Hindu Gita: Ancient and Classical Interpretations of the Bhagavadgita

In the vast corpus of Hindu sacred literature the comparatively short text of the Bhagavadgita comes closest to being a universal scripture. It is popular, perhaps the most popular, Hindu scripture and for this reason Hindu thinkers over the centuries have tried to identify its message and meaning through various commentaries written on it. Dr Sharma examines the commentaries not only of the famous scholiasts Salikara (ninth century) and Ramanuja (eleventh century), which are fully accessible in English, but also those of Bhaskara and Madhya, which are not. He also traces the significance, generally overlooked, of two other texts, the Anugita and the Gitamakitmyas, which bear upon the Gita’s scholarly tradition. The book offers a concise, comprehensive and systematic survey of the main classical Hindu interpretations of this important spiritual work.

Arvind Sharma, formerly of the Indian Administrative Service, lectures in Indian Religions at the University of Sydney. He holds degrees from Allahabad, Syracuse and Harvard.

The Hindu Gita, Arvind Sharma, Duckworth, 1986

Hardback. Octavo. Black cloth binding. Minor shelf wear to jacket. Very good condition.