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Euripides in three volumes. Dual language text. Translated by A.S. Way

Euripides (c.485-c.406 B.C.), most modern of the three greatest dramatists of tragedy in ancient Greece, composed nearly one hundred dramas, of which 18 or 19 survive and others are known in fragments. The extant include several that are romantic melodramas, one or two which approach comedy, and one “satyric” (not satiric) play. His genius broke the normal bounds of ancient tragedy and showed as much sympathy with women as with men. Great artist and bold rationalist, he depicted ordinary human beings, bringing “heroes”, and gods also, down to their level, and calling into question several widely accepted beliefs. He excels in beautiful emotional episodes and vigorous debate. Sophocles’ statement that he represents people as they are and Aristotle’s that he was the most tragic of poets have much truth. We may say that he was less grand than Aeschylus, less perfect than Sophocles, but more human than either and certainly more provocative. “Pacifist” as well as patriot, he strips bare the horrors of war.

Euripides, A.S. Way, Loeb Classical Library, 1988

Hardback. Decimo. Green cloth binding. Pages are unmarked. Dust jacket has some shelf wear and is worn at the edges. A clean, tight copy.