The Works: Volume IV



The Rhetoric, Poetic and Nichomachean Ethics of Aristotle

Volume IV of the Works of Aristotle

Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor

Taylor’s translation of Aristotle has an important place in the history of philosophy because his was the first complete translation into the English language of these works, although lack of financial backing meant that only fifty copies of each could be printed. This small print-run combined with the animosity with which Taylor (with his uncompromising commitment to pagan philosophy) met, seriously restricted the influence of his heroic enterprise. But those whose labours are directed towards the eternal are undismayed by the hostility of a passing age, and Taylor was firm in his faith that posterity would eventually recognise the Neoplatonic treasures with which his Aristotle was adorned, and the profundity of his philosophy properly interpreted. Two hundred years after its publication, no English translation of Aristotle approaches the depth or majesty of Taylor’s, and the Prometheus Trust feels fully justified in offering true students of philosophy another chance to study Aristotle from within the ancient Platonic tradition.

The Works of Aristotle: Volume IV, Thomas Taylor, The Prometheus Trust, 2002

Hardback. Decimo. Purple cloth binding. New 454 pp.