Fortune, Dion
The Esoteric Philosophy of Love & Marriage



The Esoteric Philosophy of Love & Marriage

“This book upon the esoteric teaching concerning sex is addressed primarily to those who have no occult knowledge of the subject, but are seeking with open minds for information that may help them to solve the problems of life. To these it may be said, by way of explanation of the present treatise, that every race has a traditional secret wisdom which is never made public, but handed on by word of mouth and manuscript to those who are considered worthy to receive it. This tradition stretches back in an unbroken line to the remotest antiquity, the streams of different racial traditions converging as they approach their source.

“The first section of the book is devoted to a brief outline of the esoteric doctrines in general, in order that the more detailed account of their teachings concerning sex may be comprehensible.

“The reader is recommended to grasp the leading ideas here put forth, and then to try to express his own experiences and observations concerning life in the terminology herein employed and see how far they are thereby rendered illuminating. Let him reflect that, if these idcas are true, certain results will ensue from contemporary occurrences. He should then watch for events in fulfilment of his anticipations or the reverse. In this way he will learn as much about the practical application of the esoteric teachings as is possible for one who is not an initiate of any of the fraternities that hold the secrets of occult science.

“To those who already have a knowledge of esoteric matters some explanation is also needed, for the best-known books upon the subject have repeatedly stressed the danger of any form of sex magic and pronounced it in all its forms to be uncompromisingly black and of the left-hand path. This, as anyone who has had practical experience of the matter cannot fail to be aware, is absolutely true concerning certain aspects and applications of this great force upon its passional side; these aspects are touched upon in the latter part of the book in order that the unwary may be warned to avoid them.”

Esoteric Philosophy of Love & Marriage, Dion Fortune, Rider & co., 1924

First edition. Hardcover. Blue cloth binding. Shelf wear to cover and spotted on spine. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Harrogate. Library stamps to endpapers and marking on spine. Infrequent underlining in pencil. Spine leans slightly.