Routledge, Mrs Scoresby
The Mystery of Easter Island


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The Mystery of Easter Island: The Story of an Expedition

“…No attempt has been made to write any sort of a guide book to the varied places touched at by the yacht, neither space nor knowledge permitted; all that has been done either by pen or pencil is to try to give the main impression left on the mind of a passing dweller in their harbours and anchorages. It has, however, been found by experience that, in accounts of travel, the general reader loses much of the pleasure which has been experienced by the writer, through knowledge being assumed of the history of the places visited; a knowledge which the traveller himself has absorbed almost unconsciously. Without some acquaintance with past events the present cannot be understood; at the risk, therefore, of interrupting the narrative, a few notes of such history have been included.

“In dealing with the main topic of the work, an endeavour has been made to give some idea of the problem of Easter Island as the expedition found it, and also of its work there. With regard to this part, some appeal is necessary to the understandingn kind-ness of the reader, for it has not been an easy tale to tell, nor one which could be straightforwardly recounted. The story of Easter is as yet a tangled skein. The dim past, to which the megalithic works bear witness—the island as the early voyagers found it—its more recent history and present state, all of these are intermingled threads, none of which can be followed without reference to the remaining clues.”

The Mystery of Easter Island, Mrs Scoresby Routledge, Sifton, Praed & co. Ltd, 1920

Hardcover. Book cover is worn in places. Spine shows some wear along the top, bottom and edges. Gilt lettering to cover and spine. End paper is loose. Copyright paper has been removed. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Manchester Lodge. Library marking on the spine. Boards are slightly loose but still intact. Good condition.