Reincarnation: Physical, Astral and Spiritual Evolution
From the Introduction
“Here is an extract from the Egyptian teachings, 3000 years B.C., concerning reincarnation:
‘Before being born, the child has already lived, and death is not the end of anything.
Life is a becoming, Khepraou; it passes on, like the solar day, which begins anew.
Man is composed of Mind, Khou; and of Matter, Khat.
The Mind is luminous, and clothes itself, in order to inhabit the body, with a substance which is the Soul, Ba.
Animals have a soul, a Ba, but a Ba that is deprived of mind, of Khou.
Life is a breath, niwou.
When the breath withdraws into Ba, the man dies.
This first death manifests itself materially, by the coagulation of the fluids, emptying of the veins and arteries, and dissolution of the substarices composing the body. Through embalming, all these substances, including the blood, are conserved, and Ba will return to vivify them after the judgment of Osiris.┬áBreath is the servant of the soul.’
“We also give, further on, extracts from the classical authors on this subject. Certain Oriental Sects, established in Europe, have made so many erroneous statements regarding reincarnation and its consequences, that we are compelled to go into the subject in all its details in order to protest against these misstatements.”

Reincarnation: Physical, Astral and Spiritual Evolution, Papus, Rider & co.

Octavo. Hardcover. Brown cloth binding. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place, London. Library stamps to endpapers and title page. Worn spine and cover. Acceptable condition.