Nagaswamy, R.
Timeless Delight



Timeless Delight: South Indian Bronzes in the Collection of the Sarabhai Foundation

This Book on South Indian Bronzes in the Sarabhai Foundation captures the visual and aesthetic impact these outstanding images leave on the spectator. Serving as a catalogue, with textual and photographic studies, the work springs into space the different manifestations of Godhood that were devoutly visualized, aesthetically created, and spiritually experienced, in the early part of South India’s past, especially in the Pallava and Chola periods. South Indian Bronzes were made for festive worship and processions in the temples. They enlivened the people in their respective regions, with poetry, music, dance and congregations in daily, seasonal and annual cycles. Besides being perfect models of artistic expression, they went beyond to elevate the mind to experience a joy of becoming. Inspired by this classicism and acquired by Gautam Sarabhai, the collection in the Foundation represent the best in the Pallava and Chola periods, and constitute rare and varied forms. Ranked among the masterpieces of the world, some of these bronzes, like Tripura-vijaya, Uma, Rsi Patni, Mahegvari and the Royal figures, have been the source of delight of art connosseiurs the world over. They have appeared several times in Books and Journals, but this is the first time they appear collectively in one volume, in refreshingly original colour and angles. The Book will let in the viewer to experience the flavour of unforgettable beauty in an ideal setting.

Timeless Delight, R. Nagaswamy, Sarabhai Foundation, 2006

Hardcover. Octavo. Blue cloth binding. Some minor wearing to the edges of spine and cover. Publishers compliments on the first page. Very good condition.