Kingsford, Anna Bonus
Dreams and Dream Stories



Dreams and Dream Stories

Anna Bonus Kingsford (1846-1888) was one of the first female English physicians, after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. Kingsford participated in the Theosophical movement in England and was best known as an advocate of women’s rights, anti-vivisection and vegetarianism. She was born in Maryland Point. Stratford, Essex. She obtained a medical degree in Paris in 1880. In 1883, she was made President of the Theosophical Society. She promoted a Western, Christian and Hermetic esotericism that diverged with the Oriental esotericism of H. P. Blavatsky. Kingsford received mystical insights in trance states and in her sleep. Her revelations were collected from various manuscripts and pamphlets by her collaborator Edward Maitland, and published posthumously in the book, Clothed with the Sun. She was also the author of Dreams and Dream Stories (1889), a first hand account of her dreams and dream experiences.

Dreams and Dream Stories, Anna Bonus Kingsford, Dodo Press, (?)

Paperback. Formerly belonging to the Theosophical Lending Library, Gloucester Place. Library stamps to end paper, contents and spine. Good condition.