Hall, Manly P.


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Healing: The Divine Art

Sickness today is less due to ignorance of the physical laws governing health than to ignorance of the laws governing the spiritual, mental, and emotional forces operating in people’s lives. Philosophy is preventive medicine. It teaches of health, and how it can be preserved, and if lost, how it can be regained.

Of considerable import and significance is the author’s survey of the historical road to the metaphysics of healing, to reveal why it is that, despite boasted progress, man still sickens, and suffers, and dies—and how under a thin coating of modern terminology, the most primitive convictions concerning health and sickness remain in general circulation today.

New and valuable is the description and function of the pineal gland, the organ of spiritual sight, the governor and regulator of the conflict between thought and impulse. The philosophy of healing, clearly defined, is developed largely in case-histories, a faithful account of Manly Hall’s, personal experiences with the ailing, the human record of the damaging results of misuse and misinterpretation of knowledge, and the suffering caused by acceptance of indigestive thoughts and ideas. How restoration to normal health was achieved is given in the diagnoses and treatment of the individual cases.

The book is crammed with information, easily understandable, on methods of healing, and why some heal and some fail.

Evidence is amassed to show that the secret of healing is to cause health by removing those artificial obstacles which impede the natural flow of life. Here in full coverage is the simple and eternal truth of health, as it has been taught by the wisest men of all ages.

Healing, Manly P. Hall, Philosophical Research Society, 1950

Hardback. Third Revised Edition. The spine leans slightly. Dust jacket is worn at the edges. There is minor water damage to the top corners of pages 98-138. Otherwise pages are clean and unmarked.