More About Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Barbara Watterson


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More About Egyptian Hieroglyphics: A Simplified Grammar of Middle Egyptian

This book is an attempt to explain to the layman the development and use of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and providing an introduction to the study of them. It is divided into two parts.

In Part I an explanation is given of the principles of picture and alphabetic systems of writing, of how writing began in Mesopotamia and of how hieroglyphic writing developed in Ancient Egypt from earliest times until the 5th century A.D. by which time all understanding of it had been lost. An account is given of the rediscovery of Ancient Egypt which began with Napoleon’s Expedition to Egypt in 1797 and of the first successful decipherment of hieroglyphs by Champollion in 1822.

Part II tries in eleven lessons with exercises to supply the reader with enough basic grammar and vocabulary to be able to attempt translations of simple hieroglyphic inscriptions. It is assumed that the reader knows very little English grammar and each grammatical point is approached first by explaining its use in English and then by its use in Egyptian.

Dr. Barbara Watterson lectures in Egyptology in the Department of Extension Studies, Liverpool University.

More About Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Barbara Watterson, Scottish Academic Press, 1985

Hardback. Octavo. Black cloth binding. Minor shelf wear to the dust jacket. Near mint. 195 pp.