Commentary on the First Alcibiades



Text edited by L. G. Westerink, Translation and Commentary by William O’Neill

This publication combines two books—the first being the 1954 edition of L. G. Westerink’s text, and the second, William O’Neill’s translation and commentary of it. It represents, then, the first occasion that Proclus’s wide-ranging Commentary has been published in parallel Greek and English. The Alcibiades had an especially important part in the studies of the Platonic schools of late antiquity, since it was considered to be the best starting point for the would-be philosopher as Proclus himself explains at the beginning of his Commentary. For this reason, the Prometheus Trust believes that our new edition will be welcomed by those who value the Platonic tradition, especially as developed by the later Platonists.

Proclus: Commentary on the First Alcibiades, L. G. Westerink & W. O’Neill, The Prometheus Trust, 2011

Hardback. Octavo. Red cloth binding. Red stain to fore edge. Otherwise like new. 513 pp.