Kenton, Warren
Anatomy of Fate


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Anatomy of Fate: Kabbalistic Astrology

The Anatomy of Fate sets out to answer the recurring question ‘How does Astrology work?’ Using practical astrological examples in conjunction with the principles of Kabbalah, an ancient wisdom system, the author places the study of Astrology in the context of a Universal scheme. This enables us to perceive the interconnection between the celestial worlds and man. Thus it is possible to describe, in detail, the operation of cosmic influence within the psyche and how we are tuned as individuals and so move in resonance to planetary interplay, through a particular pattern called fate. This, in turn, is part of a weave of other lives and incarnations that form the fabric of an unfolding creation.

Anatomy of Fate, Warren Kenton, Rider, 1978

Paperback. Octavo. Minor wear to the spine and covers. Pages are unmarked. A tight copy.